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WELD CUB : E6013

High Class Welding Electrods

A Medium coated all position electrode for work of structural importance with medium penetration, soft arcand low spatter and easy to detach slag. It can be used in both AC and DC.

Used In

  • Can be used to join Thin Metal Sheets
  • Building Gates
  • Building Fences

Copy of Weld Metal Analysis

Specified Value0.35 - 0.550.10 Max0.40 Max0.045 Max0.045 Max
Observed Value0.390.0750.230.0220.020

Weld metal Properties

Y.S.U.T.S.ElongationImpact at 0'C
400330 Min470410-51024%22% Min7047 Min

Current Specifications

Current (Amps)Size (mm)Current (Amps)
AC / DC (+)2.50 x 35080-110
3.15 x 350100-130
4.00 x 450140-190
5.00 x 450180-240

Packing Specifications

Size (mm)Pieces / PacketPieces / Carton
3.15 x 35090720
4.00 x 45060480