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Process of Manufacture

Electrode-quality wire of the desired size is first straightened on the straightening machine, cut to the required size, and stored. As per the formula, the Flux is prepared in the dry blender and wet mixer, and we get Slug. The Slug is then cast as a Cylinder in the automatic slug press. Then the Slug is placed in the extrusion press, and straight-cut wires are placed in the wire feeder hopper in the extrusion press so Flux can be coated on the straight-cut wires. Flux-coated wire rod is then passed on the conveyor system and collected at the end. These flux-coated rods are then sent to the drying oven for drying purposes. After drying, it is packed and is ready to be dispatched.

Quality Control

Quality Control and Standards are very important factors in the manufacturing of electrodes. For Mechanical, Metallurgical and Chemical testing, provision has been made in the testing laboratory. For quality control following tests are conducted:

  • Tensile Test
  • Impact Test
  • Chemical Test
  • Bending Test
  • Microscope Test
  • Moisture Determination