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AAKASH-13 : E6013

High Class Welding Electrods

A Medium coated all position electrode for work of structural importance with medium penetration, soft arc and low spatter, and easy-to-detach slag. It can be used in both AC and DC.

Used In

  • Can be used to join Thick or Thin Metal Sheets
  • During construction of Metal Sheds
  • Building Gates
  • Building Fences


Weld Metal Analysis

Specified Value0.35 - 0.550.10 Max0.40 Max0.045 Max0.045 Max
Observed Value0.43 - 0.460.0750.230.0220.020

Weld metal Properties

Y.S.U.T.S.ElongationImpact at 0'C
400330 Min470410-51024%22% Min7047 Min

Current Specifications

Current (Amps)Size (mm)Current (Amps)
AC / DC (+)2.50 x 35080-110
3.15 x 350100-130
4.00 x 450140-190
5.00 x 450180-240

Packing Specifications

Size (mm)Pieces / PacketPieces / Carton
3.15 x 35090720
4.00 x 45060480